Moncks Corner man urges company to take responsibility for their road

MONCKS CORNER, S.C. (WCBD)– Dennis Cook has lived in his Berkeley Country Club Estates home for 30 years.

A gravel portion of Ansel drive, owned by American Mortgage and Investment Company, leads to his house and two others.

“We try to take care of the road the best we can but when you don’t maintain a road, when you don’t fix it right the first time– it is like putting a band-aid on a deep cut,” Cook said.

The veteran has spent his time and money maintaining the unpaved portion of the road for decades because the company does not maintain it regularly, he said.

“When I retired out of the military I worked in construction so I had access to some equipment which was nice and then in 2016 when I was put on oxygen couldn’t work anymore and now I can’t do it,” Cook said.

Cook said over the years he has had trouble contacting AMIC to complete the work necessary.

“I will call AMIC. I will tell them what deplorable shape the road is in and could they please do something about it and I don’t hear back; so I wait two or three weeks and I will call back again and nothing is done,” he said. “So, I call my attorney and my attorney writes a letter and the letter goes to them and finally they send someone out and they only do the job halfway,” he added.

In December, the company hired a contractor to lay down new gravel on Ansel Drive but the job was never completed.

“This last time they left piles of rock in it where the air dam on the front of my wife’s car is what was leveling the road out, Cook said

Cook waited two weeks before hiring someone to complete the work. The job cost him $140.00.

“I waited and waited they never sent anyone so I hired someone to level it,” said Cook.

The Count on 2 Investigators contacted the company’s vice president, Omi Hasija. In an email, Hasija said the contractor they hired fell ill and therefore had to pause the work.

“AMIC hired Tri-County Septic Tank & Service to spread rocks on Ansel Drive’s portion which was slightly washed away by rain and paid him $600. A copy of the invoice paid is attached. We did not authorize Mr. Cook to do any work and he did that to help himself which we appreciate. We consider that as his contribution which is only $140. If he had waited a few weeks, he would have paid nothing.”

Omi Hasija, AMIC Vice President

According to Hasija, the company discouraged building homes on the few unpaved streets in the subdivision.

“We cannot stop an owner from building. There is an Architectural Review Committee (ARC) in existence and we do not have any record that Mr. Cook’s home and the other was ever approved by the ARC,” said Hasija.

Hasija claims they have completed maintenance work.

“We sympathize with Mr. Cook who is undergoing serious health problems and have been making improvements in the road and drainage for his convenience. It is not because his lawyer has been sending letters about the road condition that we are doing such work,” said Hasija.

Cook disputes the claim and says he needs a commitment that they will upkeep the road in the future.

“Hopefully they will see this and come to find out maybe it is time to take responsibility for what they own,” said Cook.