Dorchester County Sheriff’s Office to establish Citizens Advisory Committee

DORCHESTER COUNTY, S.C. (WCBD) – The Dorchester County Sheriff’s Office will soon have an additional tool that will help them gather more information on how to improve law enforcement in the county.

Dorchester County Sheriff LC Knight said the new Citizens Advisory Committee which he announced Wednesday will help the agency have a better understanding of what is happening in Dorchester County.

“I feel like this will make the Dorchester County Sheriff’s Office more transparent to the community,” said Sheriff Knight.

He wants to hear from committee members about crime concerns in the county and what his department can do to improve.

“Many years back, Chief Greenberg, you might remember him he was a good police officer and a fine man as far as I’m concerned, said one time the public only gets as good a law enforcement as they want. And I believe that.”

Sheriff Knight sees the Citizen Advisory Committee as one way for the community to help them provide better law enforcement.

“If the community doesn’t help us, we cannot do our job to satisfy them. I mean you think about it, they are our victims, they are our witnesses, our jurors, everything we do hinges on the community getting involved to help us do our job,” said Sheriff Knight.

They are looking for volunteers to apply to be on the committee. They want applicants who are 21 and older who are willing to have a criminal background check performed.

“I have the county divided up into five regions of service. We’re gonna try to get so many numbers out of each region because as you most probably know working in the Charleston area, the culture in Summerville is different from the culture in St. George.”

“It’s a good thing to get feedback from the community. They can see what we do and see what we need; we also can go to them and they can help us get what we need and also give us ideas of maybe what we’re doing wrong to prevent some of the problems going on in other parts of the country.”

Sheriff Knight said the committee would be formed and will be in operation withing 90 days from now.