Evan Wilson searching for Gold


“When I really got to the Gamecocks I was ready to show out here,” said Evan Wilson. “You know, like, let’s do something. Let’s make a statement.”

It didn’t take long for Gamecocks top sprinter Evan Wilson to rise to the top.

“Growing up, you know, I was looking up to Usain Bolt,” said Wilson. “But I was late to the sport. I use to play Football, up until my Junior year. Got hurt, injured. So, I went over to Track,”

The 19-year old made a name immediately.

Running one of the fastest 200-meter times in the country.

“Every meet my time was increasing,” said Wilson. “I think I started out at a 21:16 when I first started running the 200 indoor. Next meet it would be like 21:10. Next meet, 21:00.”

But then his breakout season was canceled due to Covid-19.

“Hearing that we couldn’t come back, it was just like, it was terrible,” said Wilson. “I was ready to make it to nationals. You know, regionals, something. I was ready. I felt like I was ready.”

He sets his sights on the 2021 Olympic Trials in Oregon, and then eventually, he hopes, the Olympic Games.

But he knows the competiton.

So he may be a phenom at 19, he exudes humility beyond his years.

“There’s people younger than me,” said Wilson, “like, running a faster time than me at the time. So, it’s kinda like me, I feel like it’s whoever puts in the most work really. Age matters, but it’s not everything.”