Hurricane Isaias leads to beach communities to watch for potential dangerous rip currents

HILTON HEAD, S.C. (WCBD) – Hurricane Isaias also brings warnings of dangerous rip currents to beach communities like Charleston.

In Hilton Head, beach patrol is preparing ahead of the storm.

A full staff of lifeguards will be on hand with extra support in case it’s needed.

Experts say rip currents will be more prevalent as the storm makes its way through the area.

They can pull you out into the ocean in a matter of seconds and, if you don’t know the right way to escape, they can tire you out even more when you try to battle the pull.

“A rip current is pulling you straight offshore. You want to swim sideways out because if you try to swim directly in that’s where you get a lot of drownings because people are trying to fight the rip current and a rip current, you can’t swim as fast as the rip is pulling you out.”

Mike Wagne, Operations Manager, Hilton Head Beach

Beach patrol advises to stay near lifeguard stands while swimming or, if you’re not a strong swimmer, to stay out of the water entirely this weekend.

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