CCPL puts innovative plans in place for the future

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – The Charleston County Public Library is revealing it’s plan for the future after months of study. They are focusing on equity, community engagement, workforce development and more.

“We are doing what the community needs us to do for Charleston County, and to help us think through the different types of platforms where we actually reach our patrons,” says Angela Craig, Executive Director of CCPL.

The plan has many branches, but the digital equity plan is one of the areas where she is most excited for the community to learn about.

“Accessing devices and making sure there are different Wi-Fi devices floating out, laptops, computers and things like that is just, important,” Craig says.

In all they have more 300 devices to rent out that they hope will help people especially in rural areas.

“Those patrons that do not have equitable access in the community whether it is through internet or devices we needed to have a solution for that,” she says.

Christy James, District Library Coordinator of Charleston County Schools says this plan impacts more than just library-goers, but school-aged children as well.

“It’s grown into opportunities with grants, opportunities for vaccinations, opportunities for our community to really thrive,” James says.

James says among the ways they’re helping students, is by giving access to the internet even outside of the library walls.

“That extended Wi-Fi access in the parking lot and this has become a major focus they have recognized that there is a need in the community,” she says.

CCPL says they hope to have most of their major changes in place by 2024 and they say everyone in Charleston can benefit from them..